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Life in the times of Covid-19 has become uncertain. The virus scare is not only keeping people locked up inside their homes and adversely affecting the economy, but there’s also a constant worry about what the future has in store. And that is taking a toll on people’s mental health in turn leading to the rise in domestic violence cases, relationship falling apart and many taking their own lives.

Actor Suniel Shetty, who has been working towards betterment of children, feels it is a “really disturbing” time. Talking about how one needs to approach the problem, he says, “Parents need to take the charge. While the father probably is going through the most difficult time thinking about how he’ll make ends meet, and the mother might be worried about how she can support, these tensions shouldn’t lead to fights.”

The actor further asserts on the importance of giving children a very happy environment.


“The uncertainty might have hit you hard, but when your child comes up to you with a smile seeking positivity, you have to reciprocate. It’s better to fight your inner fears and keep your family happy. The strength you derive from that is much needed,” he adds.

Shetty,58, explains this is just the beginning and we need to accept the current to be able to be prepared for the future.

“Once the cure is here and we all get back to work, we’ll have to rebuild everything. That probably would be more difficult than this,” he warns.

Given the crisis and uncertainty looming large, many have taken to addiction to get over their worries.Shetty points that such things lead to more emotional breakdown.

He explains, “We always crave for this family time. So let’s just enjoy it. We all are in this together. Why resort to any sort of abuse or wrong behaviour that at the end of day would spoil our mental peace.”


And how can one do that? You need to look around and draw inspiration, says the actor. “Everyone is trying hard to cope, be it those who have enough to survive or who are struggling to make ends meet. Depression happens due to lack of protein in our system that generates energy. So, eat and exercise well to generate happy hormones,” he shares, adding how his family, too, follows a routine.

Shetty starts his day with exercising, before he sits down for breakfast with his mother (Prema Shetty), while his children, Athiya and Ahaan and wife Mana eat their breakfast later.

“My mother is 82. She does breathing exercises and also takes a walk inside the house. My lunch time with her is our pure mother-son time. A proper social distancing is maintained at home, especially when she’s around. She enjoys watching old films with all of us. Everyone sitting doing dinner together is another highlight of our day,” says Shetty, who’s also looking forward to going back to work and finish his films, Marakkar, Fraudster and Mumbai Saga. “But we can’t take the risk now. We need to be patient and wait till it’s safer to shoot,” he ends.

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