Masaba Gupta on her divorce from Madhu Mantena: ‘I didn’t give myself any time to process it’ – bollywood


Fashion designer and actor-to-be, Masaba Gupta, has spoken about her separation from ex-husband, film producer Madhu Mantena. The two tied the knot in 2015 and their divorce was finalised in 2019.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Masaba said, “Everyone has a perception if you are divorced. I got so busy with work that I didn’t even have the time to realise what was happening in my personal life. I had my own way of dealing with it.”

Masaba, who will appear as herself in the semi-autobiographical Netflix show Masaba Masaba, said that her mother Neena Gupta’s reaction to her separation is portrayed in the show as well.


She also spoke about the reaction of people around her to her separation. Addressing the judgement, she said, “It happens a lot. Somebody was telling me the other day and I completely forgot that I didn’t give myself any time to process my divorce. My uncle told me, ‘Why are you on this treadmill? Can you just process this and then move on?’ I think people take it for granted, that Masaba is strong, she will manage. I have changed drastically because I allow myself to not just grieve and feel down. I take two days off even when I feel celebratory. But no one knows what you are going through until you are going through it yourself. People understand how silly they were being, when they deal with it themselves.”

After her separation, Masaba had set the record straight about rumours of infidelity that were being circulated online. She’d written in a tweet, “Going to address this because of the infidelity bit attached. Or maybe I will address more as it comes,given that I won’t tolerate a single thing being said about Madhu’s character. Not true.”

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In their joint statement on their separation, posted on social media — another incident that is replicated in the show — the former couple had written, “While we know, given the world and the lives we live in will lead to speculation, rumours and dragging us down into the dirt at this time… We are communicating and encouraging each other to be brave and reminding ourselves the only priority at this time is the well-being and protection of our own selves and our families. Madhu & Masaba.”

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