Aryan Khan not eating jail food, only consuming biscuits !


Like any common man put in jail for the first time, superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is facing difficulties in adapting to the conditions and food provided inside the prison.

According to some reports, the star kid is not taking the jail food and only consuming biscuits and drinking water purchased from the jail canteen. Aryan took 12 bottles of water with him and is left with a few now.

Until the court grants permission Aryan will not be allowed home cooked food and will have to eat the food served to all the inmates in Arthur road jail. Like everyone else the starkid will have to wake up by 6 am, breakfast is served by 7 am, lunch time is 11 am and by 6 pm dinner is served in the jail. The jail food has sheera-poha for breakfast, while lunch and dinner include chapati, sabzi, dal and rice.

It’s also said that Aryan is not speaking to anyone and only reacts when someone asks him something. Shah Rukh Khan is quite worried about his son’s health and has been in constant touch with the jail authorities to acquire timely updates on him.
Aryan’s bail plea has been scheduled today and we’ll soon get to know if he gets bail or not.

Bollywood : Aryan Khan not eating jail food, only consuming biscuits !

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