Aronson Holdings Ltd: A booming company.


One year already since Aronson Holdings Ltd has been established as an independent company. Founded by Mr. Dharmaraj Ippilli Appiah, Aronson Holdings Ltd is a mother company with four subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are Aronson Associates, Aronson Paralegal Ltd, Aronson Corporate and Mon Plaisir Investment Ltd. The companies propose diverse services and are engaged in different activities in different sectors. Basically, the company has more than 25 employees ranging from Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensic Accountant, Certified Chartered Accountant, Expert in Communication, Marketing, Design, Certified internal Auditor, Expert in Hospitality and Expert in Global Business.

Dharmaraj Ippili Appiah, founder and director of Aronson Holdings in Mauritius is an accomplished international executive with experience spanning multiple sectors from Certified Chartered Accountant, Fraud Examiner to Corporate Law and audit analyst. Dharmaraj has extensive experience in the Global Business, Accounting, Auditing, Tourism, Construction, and automotive sectors. He has served as lecturer at the Open University teaching taxation, costing and finance. The director is also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ACCA and The Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants. In the course of his career, Mr. IPPILI Appiah and his team had handled the audits of many big firms on the national and international level.

On October 14th 2010, Mr. Dharmaraj Ippili Appiah laid the foundation of the firm as the sole proprietor. Since then, the company started growing and have gained clients from different sectors. Aronson Holdings Ltd has dedicated important resources towards a comprehensive review of all etiquettes and practices to ensure the utmost reliability in our quality. They focus on meeting their responsibility to provide high quality services to all our stakeholders, as they are focused on continually raising the standard for quality, integrity and public trust. At every step and in every decision, they are working proudly, collaboratively with their customers and catering for their present and future needs in accounting, audit, corporate Law and other financial issues.

Mr. Dharmaraj Ippili Appiah

Each subsidiary proposes varied services and are engaged in different activities. For instance, Aronson Associates specializes in accounting, tax, forensic fraud audit, outsourced back-office accounting, payroll administration and management, business advisory and consultancy services. There are some highly qualified chartered accountants and tax practitioners who manages this department of the business. They have a portfolio of more than 200 clients in different operating sectors in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The company is devoted in assuring that the clients’ accounting requirements are managed professionally and stay up to standard.  

Per Contra, Aronson Paralegal Ltd (APL) is the legal support team for companies and individuals throughout Mauritius, providing a personalized approach with the depth and breadth of a full-service paralegal staff. A virtual team assembled from a national and international pool of paralegals. APL has built operations around clients’ needs and demands ensuring your preferences and instructions persist long after a single project is completed. Although APL provides you with a single point of contact with a long tenure, APL captures your instructions in its client’s management tool in order to maintain your service experience on future projects regardless of the paralegal with whom you may work. In addition+, the work product and knowledge based build up with your paralegal is invaluable. Understanding projects and your clients’ needs is critical to making you successful, especially when you are paying for it.

Contrarily, Aronson Corporate Services is certified as company secretary at the corporate and business registration department. It operates under the reign of Aronson Holdings Ltd. The company aims to become sovereign through young, progressive and dynamics leaders. Since its existence, the company continued to put its customers first in providing the best end to end business solutions. They seek to build long lasting professional with all their valued clients based on understanding, respect, integrity and trust. Aronson Corporate services aspire to be cited among the leading and prestigious companies by offering high quality practices and effective corporate services to our clients utilizing the best human material and latest technological resources in the market.

Aronson Holdings helps you at a very step and in every decision, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our customers for their present and future needs in accounting, corporate, legal and other financial issues.