Axone actor Lin Laishram: There is racism in our own country also, why don’t celebs talk about that? – bollywood


From being denied admission in hospitals to being harassed, many northeast Indians have faced severe racism amid the Covid-19 situation in the country. While criticising the whole situation, model-actor Lin Laishram, who hails from Manipur, also questions the silence of celebrities over the same.

“They are not aware about it. They spoke up about George Floyd’s death in the US but when it comes to racism in our own country, they don’t talk about it. I wonder why! May be since we are in showbiz, a lot of celebs tend to pick up more popular topics to talk about. I don’t know what they think but it should be spoken about more,” says Laishram.

The actor points out how footballer Sunil Chhetri was the only celebrity who called out the racist attacks on northeast people.

Laishram, 34, feels that the primary reason behind this is that the “mainlanders in the country continue to be very unaware”.

Sharing her own experience of being harassed, she tells us, “It happened in my building in Mumbai. I was in the compound and a middle-aged man walked passed me and called me Coronavirus and kept chanting it till I left. I found it very strange because it was around February and by then we weren’t so aware of the situation. I went home, read up and saw what was happening in China Town in the US and it was then that it hit me. It was so unfortunate.”


The actor further adds that this is not the first time, and admits that she has been facing racism for long now.

“I’ve had my own journey and experiences when I came to the bigger city and when I travel for work. It’s difficult not to be accepted as part of the country. But I’ll keep on spreading awareness and make them understand the cultural differences. That can be the only cure of this problem,” she says.

One thing, however, has kept Laishram all excited during the lockdown. It is the release of her web film, Axone, which is a quirky take on the life of northeast people living in Delhi. Besides that, her wedding rumours with long-time boyfriend, actor Randeep Hooda have also been making the rounds.

She laughs them off saying, “Well, I know what’s being said but I’d like to say that I’ve waited for this film to release for so long, so I’d not like to dilute that. I’d like to ignore this part of the personal life and focus on my career.”

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