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Minimum wage

Entrepreneurs on tenterhooks?

The new government is already at work to fulfill its promises. After the decision to pay the pension increase as from 1st December 2019, the authorities are now working on the adjustment of the minimum wage, as promised during the recent election campaign. But will a consensus be found between employers and trade unions?

Yuvraj Thacoor:“Our Insolvency Act is one of the most modern in the world”

Managing Director of Quantuma Mauritius and Thacoor Advisory Services Ltd, Yuvraj Thacoor has been involved in numerous high profile assignments such as handling the receivership of the fifth biggest bank in Mauritius during his 43 years of career. Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Mr Thacoor served as Chairman of The Financial Reporting and Monitoring Panel and Assessor of The Commission of Enquiry on Sale by Levy. Yuvraj also served on the Task Force set up to draft The Insolvency Act in Mauritius. He provides us with an insight on insolvency and what amendments can be brought to our laws.

Extreme weather events

All authorities on the alert

Heavy/torrential rain, violent thunderstorms, electric storms, mini tornadoes, rapid intensification of tropical cyclones, flash floods and high waves, these are extreme weather events expected this summer, as forecasted by the Meteorological Services in its Summer Outlook Report recently. In the past, Mauritius has been adversely affected by these extreme conditions ranging from loss of life to destruction of properties. The death of the little child in the north and those of several people at Caudan are still carved in the memory of the population. How far are we prepared?

Mauritians tap into blogging and vlogging trend

Blogging and Vlogging, another development thanks to the internet, has become a popular phenomenon, especially among young people today in a bid to share with close ones and friends important aspects of their lives, from the trips they make both inland and abroad to recipes. The bloggers’/vloggers’ reputation has reached beyond the little island’s shores. Some bloggers and vloggers even see vlogging as a means to earn a living.

Sandyana Nudsingen

A determined young trailblazer

Principled, impassioned and brave, her insistence to being a real change in our Mauritian society, Sandyana Nudsingen, an LLB student, has taken the bold step since the age of 18 to deal deftly with all the problems in our paradise island. Driven by the understanding that action speaks louder than words, she has founded an NGO along with her friends for a transformational change for society.

Le Défi Training School

Leadership Bootcamp:Building a better version of oneself

Le Défi Training School in collaboration with Afri Talent Management Group is organising a one-day Leadership workshop at the Domaine de Lagrave. This ‘Leadership Bootcamp’, taking place on the 10th and 11th December and which targets managers/leaders, professionals, among others, focuses not only on developing leadership competences but also to learn and build their personal leadership model.



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