Azerbaijan Tourism Board partners with Wego to attract GCC tourists


Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has collaborated with Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) to invite travellers from the GCC to take another look at Azerbaijan and experience its wide array of sights and activities.

Azerbaijan is one of the top 3 destinations in Europe for MENA-based travellers. A safe and family-friendly place that has attracted as many as 1.4 million tourists in the first half of 2019, Azerbaijan is the perfect scenic getaway for enjoying a plush European experience at a very affordable price.

Florian Sengstschmid, CEO of Azerbaijan Tourism Board said: “This joint collaboration with Wego aims to raise awareness about what Azerbaijan has to offer all types of travellers from the GCC countries. Located on the border of Europe and Asia, our country is a true blend of the best of East and West, with so many unique opportunities for unforgettable experiences and adventures.”

Wego will be promoting Baku’s key unique attractions and experiences such as the Ateshgah Fire Temple and the Flame Towers, representing the natural fires once worshipped by Zoroastrians. These must-see places have helped tourism in Azerbaijan to blossom in recent years – the country welcomed over 200,000 GCC tourists in 2018, resulting in a 30% increase compared to the previous year. Actively promoting halal tourism, this modern European country caters to all Arabian Gulf visitors wishing to practise their religion even while holidaying.

Mamoun Hmedan, managing director of MENA and India at Wego said: “In 2019, we have seen an increase of 60 % in the number of searches to Azerbaijan by GCC travellers compared to the same period in 2018. Short-duration flights from the MENA region and the visa-on-arrival initiative for GCC residents have encouraged more tourists to visit and admire the country’s rich and ancient cultural heritage.”

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