Sameera Reddy celebrates World Breastfeeding Week with a message for dads: ‘You can be biggest support to new mom’ | bollywood


Actor Sameera Reddy has taken it upon herself to bust pregnancy myths and help new moms be better prepared for their lives. On Friday, she shared a new post on Instagram, celebrating World Breastfeeding Week. She posted a picture of herself and her newborn daughter Nyra, and shared a tip for new dads as well.

“New dads & loved ones listen up! Its World Breast feeding week and this post is for you to know that you can be the biggest support and encouragement to a new mom,” she wrote in her post. Sameera talked about the challenges a breastfeeding mother faces. “A mother may be depressed, lacking in confidence, worried, or stressed and it affects breastfeeding. These factors do not directly affect her milk production, but can interfere with the way in which she responds to her baby. This can result in the baby taking less milk, and failing to stimulate milk production. So be there for her,” she wrote. “Understanding the pressure on her physically and emotionally is the best thing you can do. Nothing like feeling loved at such an overwhelming time,” she added.


“I would also like to give a shoutout to moms who have struggled with low milk production . This could happen due to a pathological reason including endocrine problems or a host of other factors .A few mothers have a physiological low breast-milk production, for no apparent reason, and production does not increase when the breastfeeding technique and pattern improve. There is no reason to shame them or make them feel any pressure in not being able to BF. we need to support all mothers and show love and respect,” she added.


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Sameera shared the news of her daughter’s arrival on July 12. Announcing her name, Sameera took to Instagram on Wednesday and wrote: “Welcoming our little lady to the Varde family, baby girl Nyra.

She married businessman Akshai Varde in 2014 and was blessed with a son in 2015. But her first pregnancy experience, as she had earlier said, left her feeling torn between the reality and the pressure to portray an “unreal life” as a celebrity.

Sameera also shared a photograph of herself after delivering her daughter. She wrote a note alongside her photograph and described her postpartum journey. “As part of my imperfectly perfect campaign I promised I’d share my postpartum journey so here goes. It’s really damn hard on the body when it’s a C-Section because the stitches hurt like mad,” Sameera wrote. “Nothing can ready you for the sleepless nights of endless feeding and your body just feels so out of whack it can really get you down.” Sameera added that the “tummy swelling takes a while to go and this is day 5 post delivery.”

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Aug 02, 2019 17:07 IST

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