Esha to trolls: Your life sucks that’s why you can’t see others happy, please use your time to do something better | bollywood


Celebrities often open up about being subjected to trolling on social media. And each one of them has their own way to deal with all the negativity that comes on the way. Esha Gupta either blocks them or gives them an apt reply.

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“I get really angry at times and feel baffled thinking about what goes on inside their minds? What’s their problem? You have nothing to do and you’re writing something on someone’s wall without thinking how that might affect that person. Your life sucks that’s why you can’t see others happy… I read somewhere that ‘If you’re not feeding me, f***ing me, or financially supporting me, your opinion means nothing to me’ and I completely follow this,” says the Bollywood actor.

Esha adds further that the more you give importance to them, the more it affects you. “We have so many things going on in our heads. There’s so much to do in life, so there’s no point being stressed about something so unimportant. What I also want to tell them is that there’s so much happening in the world already, a war is taking place as we speak and there are many refugees who need help… and you are commenting on someone’s body parts… come on, use your time to do something worthwhile,” she says.

Meanwhile, Esha recently completed seven years in Bollywood. And the actor shares that she’s had a “great journey” and couldn’t have asked for a better launch than her debut film Jannat 2 (2012). “Honestly, it’s a little surprising when I think of how these seven years have passed. I worked with the best people when I entered Bollywood. Emraan [Hashmi] has become a good friend and I feel lucky to have been paired opposite him in my first film,” the actor reveals.

Talking about the ups and downs she faced in these years, the actor, who will be next seen in One Day: Justice Delivered, also starring actor Anupam Kher, shares that she believes in looking forward. “I made mistakes, I faltered but then I again got up I still feel like an outsider, but now I’m a proud outsider. Now I’m more confident… hundreds of people come to Mumbai to become actors and only a few make it. Being one of them makes me happy and proud. It also means I’m doing things right and I got lucky that my work will lie in the archives,” she signs off.

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First Published:
May 13, 2019 17:07 IST

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