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Universal’s Harry Potter Ride and 4 Other Tourism Trends This Week – Skift

Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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Universal Is Going for Full-On Immersion With New Harry Potter Ride: Universal has seen huge returns on its Harry Potter investments. The latest addition is a ride — as opposed to an entire land — but it will still likely draw crowds, especially in the months before Disney’s Star Wars expansion opens in Florida.

Travel Plunges Deeper Into Uncertainty as UK Still Without Brexit Plan: “Nothing has changed” has become a familiar phrase used in UK politics over the past couple of years. The country is sleepwalking towards a major crisis and nobody has any idea how to solve it.

Bogotá’s Potential in Wellness Tourism Starts With an Amazonian Nut: The cacay nut is a perfect example of how tourists can directly benefit entire countries simply by buying products for their own wellness in cities like Bogotá that help support poorer regions throughout Colombia. Maybe someday being a tourist will become less about being a foreigner and more about being a better global citizen.

Skift Forum Europe: New Methods to Combat Overtourism. Finding ways to insulate destinations from the adverse effects of overtourism is a daunting challenge. Global groups are starting to do the hard work of devising methods to better manage destinations.

Luxury Tour Operators Expand Into Wellness to Meet New Demand: Luxury tour operators have incredible advantages over wellness industry competitors in crafting dynamic, immersive wellness-first travel experiences. However, they must adapt to this new market quickly to avoid stagnation in crafting luxury that is better-suited to past generations.

Photo Credit: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a new, immersive ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood

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