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<br>Currently, Linda have anounced once again that she is prepared with the project. According to her, 'I'd Rather Be Self-made' is not a foundation, or an organization it is rather a project where she would meet with some young ladies anytime it is appropriate for them.<a href=""></a> When they meet, they would inspire a single another and exchange company ideas. When she discovers a business concept, she would provide the person with capital to start out it up. She has disclosed her readiness to support each particular person with a whooping money ranging from N 250,000.00 to N 1,000,000.00, depending on what is necessary in each peculiar circumstance. The most critical aspect of this project is that Linda is going to use her blog to market any enterprise she aids the girls to start out this way. All she desires in return for these gesture is just difficult work from the girls.<br>
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<br>Notorious and the highest paid Nigerian blogger and writer Linda Ikeji, who does not leave pages of magazines and newspapers, has decided to create her new enterprise idea. She again fueled the flame, building her personal social media app, called LIS- Linda Ikeji Social. In August blogger announced the look of a thing exceptionally new, fresh and titanic. Folks started setting out distinct leads about what it could be: a new system on Tv, radio program or some recording studio. But she surprised absolutely everyone and launched her own media app, which in basic combines preferred social networks and her personal weblog. She did it to ease her communication with her fans. If you want to join this app, you ought to make your private account you can even join it with the assistance of your Facebook account.<br>
<br>Also, you can invite your buddies to this add, with the assistance of various other social networks. Study ALSO: What are Linda Ikeji facts we did not know? With the help of this app, folks can obtain new pals, communicate with each and every other, have direct connected with the blog of Linda Ikeji and also get some profit for their activity. The most unusual and unique fact about this app is that each and every user gets money for each of their original posts, about 1000N. Even even though the payment is not large, individuals wait for this function with impatience. Soon after the launching of the media, users began complaining about some difficulty with the connection, they mentioned that they could not enter the web-site for a lengthy time and had been not in a position to log in. It is an intrigue regardless of whether this media app will be well-liked and successful.<br>
<br>But we suppose that this notion will be lucrative for Linda. Initial of all, due to the fact she knows her audience perfectly, she knows what these people today want to see. And she utilizes this knowledge with masterly ability, catering for them. Secondly, she is fairly a well-known particular person and has a large quantity of fans, which will assistance her activity in any case, even if the app would not be as impressing as Linda hopes. Thirdly, individuals will have to create their own accounts if they want a lot more interaction with famous blogger. Significant amount of accounts lets her cultivate more ideas and develop her social media. Fourth, incredibly promising is the truth, that users of LIS will get funds for exclusive content. And this will stimulate people for additional activity. Essentially, we cannot judge now about this new social media app of Linda Ikeji, due to the fact it is pretty new and is just creating. But later we all be in a position to determine if this new app is profitable or not.<br>
<br>She is famous, quite and rakes in millions. Her mansion in a option area makes you go green with envy. It can make your feet stumble and saliva dry up whenever you want to speak to her. No matter how rich, famous or challenging a lady appears, her anatomy is female. If you are lucky to come across her at any event, make her realise you are interested in her. Lock eyes with her and release a smile from wherever you are seated/standing. Say ‘hi’ as soon as and don’t stroll up to her once again. Linda Ikeji says she is celibate. So, do not be the guy who touches at every chance. Very carefully stay away from any type of physical speak to with her. That way, she sees you as a excellent guy. Successful ladies also enjoy guys who play difficult-to-get.<br>
<br>Attempt it. Don’t overwhelm her with your really like or romantic gestures! Let her know you like her, wants to date her but you have your own space. Don’t inundate Linda with calls! She is also busy. Know her leisure time (Laura Ikeji can assistance with that). Please do not ‘form.’ I imply, be yourself. Linda is a multi-millionaire, so why should any man get started boasting about his ‘assets,’ when she had currently acquired those factors 24 months ago? If you are chanced to be at her Banana Island home, admire, spend compliments but don’t get started showing off what you also have at household. Let her know you want her for who she is—pretty, sexy, enterprising, powerful, a good fighter and a single who doesn’t hop in any man’s bed.<br>
<br>Let her know you respect her, her intellect and business enterprise sense. But under no circumstances ask for ‘financial help’. Even if you are poor, under no circumstances ask her for cash. This is a extremely sensitive approach and you have to be careful—Linda is wise! Do not ask her to start telling you about the guys she had dated or who dumped her. Even when she does with no the asking, do not turn it to a analysis project! You also have your previous. You should be interested in winning her heart and generating her forget whatever hurt her. Get close to her siblings. They know her much more and when they realise you are a fantastic guy, they will aid place in a word for you… ‘Sis, don’t you feel you should really give Mr.XX a possibility? Be patient: Only patient males can end up walking a extremely wealthy woman down the aisle.<br>
<br>Do not be troubled by the men calling her for business transactions, or who spend a check out to her office. Aspect of being a committed companion (which Linda craves for) is letting sleeping dogs lie. Never ever mix her company with your pleasure. Bloggers are addicted to their phones/other devices and you ought to not see these as rivals. Be a shoulder to cry on. It’s a mean world and anyone would do or say something to hurt her—out of jealousy or primarily based on actions she took on her principles—but you have to give her a soft-landing. Assure her it is a phase, it will pass away. Don’t upset your self more than xxxx concerns(s)’ you must maintain telling her. Start sharing thoughts on how you want your future residence/family members to appear like. Borrow a cue from Mercy Johnson’s husband, Odi. For the <a href="">duration</a> of a conversation he suggested that we took our partnership to the subsequent level. Though we dated, I knew we would get married because he became a aspect of my life and we had been extremely passionate about each and every other.<br>
<br>You may perhaps be wondering what is this Linda Ikeji Social and what does it mean? Nicely, continue reading as I will enlighten you much more on what the website is all about and the positive aspects you can get from it. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS)is a social network exactly where you can connect with your mates and chat with them. It is also a place exactly where you can get breaking news, read them and then digest it to your self. Linda Ikeji Social is a location where you can sell your eye witnessed stories, news events and make cool cash with it. And that is the most effective part of it. It is a place where you can sell your goods at a affordable and cost-effective costs to genuine purchasers. It is a spot where you can get <a href="">high-quality</a> goods at reasonably priced prices.<br>
<br>According to Linda Ikeji, she said that, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is not just a social network, but it is unique from other social networks for the reason that you can make cool revenue from it. There are lots of approaches by means of which you can make funds on Linda Ikeji Social. According to <a href="">Linda Ikeji</a>, she stated that you can make a lot of money daily from Linda Ikeji Social incredibly conveniently by the following strategies. Promoting your eye witnessed news/events: This is a medium via which you can make cash on LIS. Even so, she started clearly that the news/events, ought to be the one you witnessed by yourself.<br>
<br>That is to say that any news or events you want to sell should be original and need to not appear in other blogs. As a result, before submitting any story you witnessed, make certain it has not appeared in an additional blog. By selling your items goods and services: In Linda Ikeji Social, you can sell your goods, merchandise and solutions. This yet another far better way of generating cool cash from the site. She will also be providing give away. Linda promises to give 1st fifty people today that have one hundred followers on November. You can connect with mates on LIS, chat, get the most current breaking news, sell your eye witness stories to us and get paid. LIS is so diverse from other social networking internet sites in the globe mainly because you can make a lot of money by being one of our LIS affiliates via your business pages. There will also be a lot of giveaways taking place on LIS…starting next week!<br>Media Broad AwardsBegan mentor-ship programme tagged,’I’ll rather be self made’ for Nigerian girls in 2016Google play retailer for andriodCreate your overall approachYour linda ikeji social small business web pageObtain and sell goodsEnormous giveaways like cash prizes, recharge cards and so onDevelop your mindset
<br>According to the controversial blogger, LIS is simply the mixture of her currently recognized blog - Linda Ikeji weblog and the giant social networking web-site owned by a single of the youngest richest man in the world, Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook. I will have to say this is a very bold and ambitious step. Repeating all they have mentioned will be a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. In all honesty, because I decided to sign up on the platform yesterday evening, all I have been wondering is why specifically Linda Ikeji Social does not have a mobile application however? I imply, I’m not understanding.<br>
<br>Like my buddy stated now, ‘aiye ni mobile wa‘ Or is it ‘mobile ni aiye wa‘. Every Blogger struggles with getting a <a href="">mobile responsive</a> theme.<a href=""></a> Please make our life a lot easier if you want us possessing exciting on LIS. Let your internet site turn out to be extremely mobile responsive and give us a Mobile App! I have to have my freedom! Oh yes I do! Whilst attempting to own an account on LIS, I ended up opening two diverse accounts due to the delay in acquiring the activation e-mail. I ended up signing up with my Facebook account. I decided to go deactivate the other account on LIS but realised I can not even get out. I ought to have the appropriate to delete whatever activity I have going on in LIS when I assume I do not will need it anymore.<br>
<br>I can delete my Facebook account, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and even BBM channel when I want to, why can not I do so on LIS? Please work on that ASAP! I will appreciate to be capable to share my followings’ amazing update on LIS to my wall, so that my followers may perhaps have the chance to see the awesomeness or stupidity (as the case maybe) that I have <a href="">noticed</a>. This helps users grow their followings/followers and share facts too. Of course there are as well quite a few expectations and improvement I look forward to seeing on LIS that I can't share here but this is good.<br>
<br>If her group can get it ideal, then this will be really fantastic. But to say Linda Ikeji Social is out to take more than from Facebook? Click Right here to subscribe to this weblog through email for instant notification. My name is Elsie Godwin. I am a Social Media Consultant/Junkie, a Blogger, Radio/Television Host, Influencer, Writer, Travel Lover and a witty added ordinary sweet girl. I have very robust opinions on concerns i am interested in. In my opinion, I assume she would have created extra effect and reached a larger extent if she began the brand with a more one of a kind name other than her name.<br>
<br>Come to assume of it, if Mark Zuckerberg used his name alternatively of Facebook, would you have stayed this longer? I hope she considers altering the name. I have a problem with the name also but i doubt she would want to change it. Specifically, making use of her name is not that cool sha. We are only comparing Linda to Facebook for the reason that Facebook appears to be the common. Nicely, receiving utilized to it is very relative. And the notion of having to see feeds from her weblog, first, on the home page is one more turn off. I will favor clicking somewhere for the gists on her blog if i am interested in it or switch the news feed for the ‘Activities’ feed. She surely needs specialist tech consultation. I want her achievement. So she unquestionably has lots work to do. She has taken a bold step. Your e mail address will not be published. Notify me of adhere to-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by e mail. I am Elsie Godwin. A Relationship, Literature & Lifestyle Blogger, Radio/Television Host, Influencer, Social Media Manager/Strategist, Travel lover, budding entrepreneur, an on-line crawler, an introvert, an extrovert and a witty writer. I love nature and creativity.<br>
<br>Kemi olunloyo says Linda Ikeji is 41 not 35 and she stole Dan Forster from cousin. Blogger Linda Ikeji age questioned . Have you noticed the size of Linda's house? Now where is Kemi gonna get that type of dollars from with her journalist job interviewing folks? Canada and America,but she never mentions that. Anyway,back to the Linda story, Kemi Olunloyo has mentioned that the well-known blogger, broke up a connection between her cousin and well known On Air Character, Dan Foster. Ms Olunloyo created the claim throughout a recent appearance on Frankly Speaking With Jola Sotubo. I have a lot of history with Linda. She was the a single that came involving my cousin’s wedding and Dan Foster." Ms Olunloyo said. Dan Foster and Deola Olunloyo, my cousin, have been going to get married and the wedding was cancelled 3 weeks to the wedding because of a model referred to as Linda Ikeji.<br>
<br>She wrecked the house, she was getting an affair with Dan," she added. Ms Olunloyo also had anything to say about Linda's age,she said Linda is 41-years-old and not 35. "She’s not 30-anything, Linda is 41. The age on Wikipedia is a lie. She’s 41, I have my really fantastic sources. If I do not I won’t say items out," she said. According to Linda’s page on Wikipedia, she was born on September 19, 1980.Properly,that could be correct,people do lie about their age,specially girls. It also tends to make me laugh when folks say somebody else broke up a connection or home,nobody breaks up anybody's property! The house owner breaks up their house cos no a single forced them to cheat or leave!<br>