After many years of hard work, is finally ready to launch to the public. Having picked up over 210,000 followers on our Facebook page, we are now taking things to the next level, and providing the people of Mauritius with the ultimate platform for all their needs. From forums and videos, to a marketplace and business directory, our aim is simple- to become the best Mauritian platform! Here at Mopays, we are all about celebrating all that makes this island nation so special. We have people here from all different cultures, but what unites us is the beauty and soul of Mauritius. We wanted to create a dedicated space where people are able to come together in this multicultural melting pot and exchange views and ideas- and so Mopays was born! Our website offers everything that people need to stay connected with the world around them, and explore all that Mauritius has to offer. A key part of Mopyas has always been to give citizens a chance to share their views with the world. That’s why one of the main aspects of our site is our forums, where visitors can discuss everything from politics to entertainment, and everything in between. We’ve built such an enormous following by curating a real sense of community, and we will be continuing that mission with our website. Everyone is welcome at Mopays! As well as giving people somewhere to air their views, we also want to provide them with some more practical info. That’s why another central part of Mopays is our Business Directory, listing a whole host of different companies from all around the country. These businesses sign up with us, and give Mopays users exclusive discounts on all their favorite products. It’s a great opportunity for both businesses and customers to connect alike, since brands can grow their customer base, and buyers can secure great discounts on essential products- a win-win situation! As well as our Business Directory, Mopays users are also able to buy and sell products directly through our site. Not only that, but we also have an extensive jobs listing area, to help users kickstart their career, and find their true calling in life. We really are committed to empowering citizens, and that’s why we’ve built a site that covers everything they could possibly need to live their life in Mauritius to the full. Finally, continuing one of the things that made the Mopays Facebook page such a success, we will also have a section of our site dedicated to videos about Mauritius. On social media, it is not uncommon for our videos to receive upwards of 400,000 views, showing just how popular our platform is. Not only do our videos keep viewers updated on all that’s going on in Mauritius, but they are also an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach a huge, captive audience.